Last week the spanish partner of the Power of Creativity project, Formación para el Desarrollo y la Inserción (DEFOIN), carried out two of the workshops developed within the framework of the second project result. This result, called Guidelines for teachers to engage with people with disabilities, which is now being finalised by the consortium for its future publication, will gather a series of workshops oriented to different disabilities taking into account the activities and practices that were previously collected in the first result of the project, Manual for adult trainers on Creativity&Art therapy for disabled, already available in all the languages of the consortium on the project’s website.

The workshops were carried out with people with cerebral palsy together with two foundations from Madrid: Numen Foundation and Masnatur Foundation. Firstly, on the 19th of May, DEFOIN held the workshop together with the Numen Foundation. The workshop held in this centre was called “A DREAM PLACE” and its main activity consisted in the creation of a collage with different materials so that the participants could show all their creativity. Brilliant ideas came out of the four groups into which all the workshop participants were divided: a simulation of space, an adventure story, a walk among animals and the wonders of the marine world.

Secondly, on the 21st of May DEFOIN went to Casa de Campo, Madrid, together with the beneficiaries, professionals and volunteers of the Masnatur Foundation to hold the second workshop called “DREAMS IN THE OPEN AIR“. During the activity, participants gathered near the Casa de Campo lake to enjoy a social meeting next to the “bonfire” and have a good time dancing, telling stories, dreaming and imagining the future.

Both activities were a success and all the participants: professionals, volunteers and beneficiaries, had a wonderful time enjoying fun and creative activities.

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