Power of creativity: strengthening the supporting role the adult educators working with disabled, is an Erasmus+ Adult education supported by the Lithuanian National agency. People with disabilities must be enabled to participate in society and have equal rights with all. The social inclusion policy of people with disabilities is purposefully shifting from support, abilities of the disabled themselves. In the 21st century, the acceptance of disabilities needs to be promoted among teaching and professional staff and accessibility guidelines need to be developed according to the needs of trainees, based upon their real-life experiences. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development clearly states that disability cannot be a reason or criteria for lack of access to development programming and the realization of human rights. Disability is very different: movement, sight, hearing, mind, etc. Adult trainers need to know and be able to apply different methods when working with different disable adults. Project aim: to support adult trainers with new digital, interactive and creative teaching methods in work with disabled, also will help increase disabled adult social inclusion, prepare them for a digitized society.  The project starts on the first of March 2022 and will be completed on the 31st. of December 2023

The project’s objectives of the project are:
*to share good practices among project partners in creative disabled training
*to increase professional development of adult train
*to create Manual for adult trainers on Creativity&Art therapy for disabled
*to create Guide for teachers to Engagement with Disabled People
*to develop and reinforce network of organizations in the field of expressive Creativity&Art therapy for disabled
The first target group of the project consists of staff members of partners’ organisations and educators who work with disabled adult. The second group -adult trainees with disabilities.

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